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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  June 4, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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hd. however, we have isolated spotty showers behind the front. mainly down into santa cruz mountains and parts of the south bay now. very widely scattered areas of light showers. the rain winds down, winds are winding up. there is a wind advisory in effect for parts of the bay area including the delta and lake county, then over to sen value tral valley. until 9:00 tonight, winds at about 10 miles per hour, gusting to 40 miles per hour. at this moment there are gusts to 32 in napa. around 25 miles per hour gusts at hayward and sfo and jant rosa. so gusts will be with us. and there is a chance of showers into evening hours, i'll give you a look at the wernl ahead a little bit later. >> thank you, spencer. the wet weather put a damper
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on travel plans. san francisco international airport is reporting arrival delays up to an hour and a half. only a few flights are experiencing delays in san jose airport. no problems at oak lnt international airport. the june gloom took tourists by surprise. and there is some sight seers dealing with the visibility. that is unlikely sound of june force at fisherman's wharf. >> usually i'd be applying sun screen and getting ready to deal with visitors from around the world coming in to hike the bridge. >> instead of helping customers the crew is catching up on busy work. >> fixing up bikes for weekend, taking advantage of the down time with this wet weather to get things like that done and told tee shirts. >> this restaurant going about
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business setting up outdoor seating. not that they expect anyone to request this today. >> and she knew what to expect but doesn't have to like it. >> i checked weather before i came n shocked to see it's going to be cold and raining. i packed an umbrella. >> and for these school children, it was beautiful yesterday. by the way. >> gorgeous. yesterday. and we wrnlt expecting it to be rainy now. >> still beautiful and the director of the water district tells me because of the heavy rain we saw a couple months ago we're in the red as far as water supply so the storm is just gravy. >> and this rain caused some problems for crews at at and t park. we'll have that story coming up on abc 7 news at 4:00.
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>> giants did win and we'll have highlights at 6:00. speaking of giants there is new information about the woman accusing pablo sandoval of sexual assault. the alleged victim is a 21-year-old resident of santa cruz count yeechl the assault supposedly occurred after he pet the woman in a bar and twont a hotel to have what he says was consensual sex. the sheriff's department expects to turn this case over to the district attorney possibly by the end of the week. >> there is different types of evidence that have been collected for this gaipgs. it's an ongoing investigation. some evidence will take a while to get processed. >> sandoval has been out of the line up for a month nursing a hand injury. coming up at 5:00 we'll have more on the case and what he is doing tonight. >> the man convicted of murdering three members of one family had sentencing delayed
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today but he was not skpaired outrage of loved ones. abc 7 news is here with details of an emotional day in court. vic? >> not a dry eye in the courtroom listening at the other end of the courtroom. edwin ramos, the man who killed danielle bologna's husband and two sons in a drive by shooting. >> i didn't care what he felt. it wasn't about him. bits a release of pain that i have been holding for four years. >> those four years of pain that tore toured danielle bologna came out with a fury in the courtroom. at times, weeping. bologna still spoke in a strong voice. looking directly at edwin ramos. i lost my family, my life and n.san francisco and our house
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and all memories we shared in our home. my pain is so deep you can't even imagine. bologna held up family pictures of her husband and two sons. and they were some of the same pictures she showed us when we interviewed her after ramos was convicted. bologna wanted ramos to see, and feel what he took from her. >> i think when i showed him the picture of my son on life support that is when he put his head down like it was real. and again, no emotions. like callous, cold. >> nonny blowna, the 14-year-old daughter and sister spoke. talking sadly about how much she missed her father and brothers. i don't use the word "hate "she said, but i hate with you with all my heart. know that your daughter will know her father is a murderer. pictures we used were authorized by danielle blowna.
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steel still under witness relocation and the judge intends to sentence him to life without parole monday morning. he delayed sentencing so ramos's lawyers can request a new trial. they're alleging jury misconduct. >> thank you. >> commencement taking place across the bay area but one group of high school students may not be able to graduate and this is because of a prank. we have more on what the story is all about. >> well, this had been two separate incidents here at heritage high. the first a prank by the current senior class happened on thursday. there so another one appeared to be the work of a former class. the reaction to that first incidents is causing a lot of anxiety here on campus.
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>> this is washable paint. >> marcus sanchez says he was among 80 seniors that participated in a prank administrators say crossed the line to serious vandalism. >> we knew we'd get in a little bit of trouble. >> and san chez provided the pictures. a small group chained up a lamb leaving it on the quad overnight. >> this is an active investigation. >> the principal told abc 7 news he spent several days doling out punishment to graduating seniors and they had to clean up the mess themselves. ' rifed to find the campus splatted with paint again. >> it's very sad. and came back to school and we don't know who did those. and this is 2010. and there is a reverence to
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two years ago. >> sanchez is among those receiving a five days suspension for the antics. he had to miss all final exams and is is not worried about having enough credits to graduate, but others are. >> there are a lot of kids going to uc aez in leadership. now they can't walk. it's sucks for them. for me, it's not a huge deal. i don't feel... but some people are crying. >> this is tough. i can't imagine my kid going all year and then, making a mistake at the end. >> that is appearing the principal does not plan to back down, but some asked for a review. we understand the principal will meet with them as a group here tomorrow afternoon. >> that is tough. >> a reminder tomorrow is primary election day.
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but experts are predicting a low turnout. voting has been taking place and voters will decide important issues, example, prop 28, altering term limits for members of the state legislature, and prop 29, adding a $1 tax to a pack of cigarettes. >> and you can stay with us for the latest election coverage and results. you can go to abc 7 for continuing up to the minute returns sfoos the polls close at 8:00 tomorrow night. >> and we're voting for 80 degrees and sunshine. >> at least more rain. >> yes. yes. >> there is a main rod body of the system passed well out east. and there is some spotty showers in the north bay and
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down in parts of santa cruz mountains. 24 hour rainfall totals from the system. mainly on the light side. generally a few hundredths of an inch in redwood city. and there is the rain has been significant in spots and current readings are into 50s to low 60s and there is an exemption of isolated showers then clearing overnight, tomorrow promising to be different, i'll have the accu-weather forecast. >> and thank you, spencer. >> ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00 are you eating enough fruits and veggies? there is a test that could find the answer by looking at your skin. >> and star bucs is buying another company. >> and 7 on your side has
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results of a survey found you can be shocked with huge bills. >> at 4:11 first check of traffic looking at the skyway in downtown san francisco. it's the usual crawl from left to right go together lower deck. and not a heck of a lot better going into another direction down 101 southbound. there is a giants game and traffic going to be heavy in parts of the city. stay with us. abc 7 news at 4:00 continues. hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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checking healthy living news a study on prostate cancer m men revealed standard treatment is the best. american society of clinical onkolg conducted a nine-year
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study. one group received hormone therapy, another intimatent therapy. the man with the continuous therapy lived almost two years longer. doctors tried the therapy in an effort to reduce side affects. >> and there is a mayo clinic study finds patients who took 2000 milligrams of ging sing for two months reported more energized after taking the herb. other studies have shown it can decrease inflammation and a stress hormone which may contribute to cancer-related fatigue, still, patients being advised to check with their doctors before taking supplement autos your skin could help determine if you need to eat more fruits and veg yeez. researchers from yale university have begun testing a new laser light that can
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tell if a person is eating enough fruits and venl tabls. the laser can detect bio markers and pigments. results take only a minute. technique needs tweaking but it's already been used on preschool kids without fuss during their afternoon nap time. >> there is starbucks scooping up a local company. plus details into the hewlett-packard oracle fight. and let's go live to today's after the bell report. hi, john. >> there is oracle leaves hewlett-packard shocked. that is what the pc maker told a judge in court today saying two companies worked with out written contracts and said the cooperation came to an end six months after a settlement was reached over a transition from ceo to co-president of oracle.
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hp says it never saw at announcement coming and oracle quote, abruptly announced the data base would not be available to customers. sources say hewlett-packard is requiring ora cell to continue to develop software for the company and $500 million in damages. verizon communications offering bios from 1700 employees. the move after a year of negotiations with verizon unions to lower costs. and there is is a company spokesman says layoffs of a tool of last resort. they warned it will result in 600 layoffs. stocks managed a slight rebound today. your bloomberg silicon valley index took a different course about a half percent.
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and speaking of google, the company is buying the company meebo. and there is previous reports saying the price could be as high as $100 million. saying the staff will be joining the google plus time. and another bio to tell you b star buck as agreed to buy san francisco-based bay bread and it sells organic bread. the move as the ceo has been trying tochl pand the company's noncoffee businesses. >> thank you. when sandhya patel was here and talking about the chance of showers, i didn't take it that seriously. i thought it's june. and this does seem like it
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came out of nowhere. >> it's not terribly unusual to get some rain. it does happen. it's not the norm. so this is a look at not the norm. check this out. there is western sky. it does look dark and for bid boeding if i use larry's terminology, and i will. there is a little bit of blue shining through. there are spotty showers at the moment. let me go live to give you a look at what's happening and there is a bulk of the storm into sierra foot hills. there is some near cloverdale. into south bay there is a little bit as well. there are clearing and breezy conditions tomorrow, warmer days and more seasonal weather
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coming our way. there is this cold front. behind the front there is a chance of showers and there is some strong wind gusts. start agent 7:00 there is snow developing there. mainly above 6,000 feet that will taper off. there is a winter weather advisory in effect until 5:00 tomorrow morning. up to four inches of snow that may impact travel on highways 80 and 50. and there is temperatures with spotty showers. upper 40s to around 50 degrees. then, tomorrow, we'll see mainly sunny skies, will be breezy and won't be very mild but will be pleasant. mid-60s on the coast.
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similar readings will be found with breezy near the bay, highs near the bay into upper 60s, 70 degrees inland tomorrow, here is the accu-weather forecast. breezy, tomorrow, warmer days and wednesday, and thursday, highs into low 80s inland. cooling down a bit on friday, saturday. and breezy conditions, then, warming up again with winds calming down sunday and monday. pleasant day as head, no more rain in sight fr a whim. so enjoy while it's here. >> and mentioning dark and foreboding i was talking about you. >> i've been called a lot worse. >> he's pleasant. >> i'm staying out that have one, thank you. up next avengers taking down one of the biggest ever box-office hits. >> duchess of cambridge launching another trend. that is coming up at 6:00. >> then at 5:00 elite minority of donor that's has a very big influence on the outcome of
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california elections. >> at 4:20 our next economic of traffic. you can barely see it. and that is a bay bridge toll plaza traffic is light. and sits a tad cloudy at this point. back in a moment.
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if you've seen a vempkers you should see it. it's a great movie, now topping a record-breaking blockbuster making super hero movie one of the top-three money makers of all time. >> rachel smith breaks it all down in tonight's entertainment report. >> and it's been a month since avengers opened in the box office and every week, action-packed movie earns more fans. >> there is a hope. >> this weekend avengers earned another 20 something million dollars pushing the total to $552.7 million. that is more than dark knight earned in a box office making it the third-highest money-maker of all time. there is speaking of ticket sales, justin beiber's tour is
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sold out. and in madison square garden tickets sold out in just 30 seconds. and it wraps up in january. >> actress sarah jessica parker is hosting a fund raising event for president obama at parker's new york home, clooney's l.a. event raised millions of dollars for the campaign. for more celebrity news go to >> there is a dress launching a thousand ships is launching a trend. check out the red dress kate middleton wore to that pageant of a thousand flotillas on the river thames. duchess catherine and her
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dress stole the show. it goes for just under $2,000. >> coming up at 4:00 a labor dispute the likes chf has not been seen in three decades, workers say they had no choice but to walk the picket line. >> why the prince missed the >> why the prince missed the show.c
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san francisco's hotel industry as been hit by union strikes over the last few years but in san jess yeah, lines in one hotel are up for what is believed to be the first time in 30 years. abc 7 news is live outside of the double tree hotel, tell us why. what is going on, david? >> the employees of the property walk off the job this morning and they plan to stay off the job until friday morning with an eye on how much money they can lose. for some, it could range from 300ses today $500. >> these employees say they've grown impatient as negotiations seem to be going nowhere. >> they don't want to give us no raise. they don't want to help us
4:30 pm
with health care. we, i have been here 16 years. you know? and so i have been given a lot all week long. it's rough. >> the double tree went union, and the previous contract expired 11 months ago. >> my husband is a diabetic. i need to work but i need to be treated fairly. with negotiation with the hilton and our union, for 11 months, nothing. >> the union points out the workers in san francisco are frequently paid double of what they are paid in san jose. >> we compare a room attendant in the south bay making $112 an thundershower 25s ndz san francisco, the gap is huge. it's not about us thinking tomorrow they're going to make $36 an hour. >> the manager issued this statement, quote, we're disappointed with the union's
4:31 pm
current work stoppage and hope they'll return to the bargaining table to negotiate a reasonable agreement. >> it's hard to imagine a third of the people making less than a living wage. the number is growing every year. because who buys computers and cars? who is part of the middle class? >> everything seems to be amicable at the moment but come friday there is a moss posibility of a lockout. that is a risk they take when walking out on the job. >> a federal appeals court is expected to announce tomorrow whether it will rehair the case on prop 8. announce today it will release a file agent 10:00 a.m. tomorrow, experts believe it's
4:32 pm
a decision to allow a unl panel to rehear the case nchl february a smaller panel ruled the ban was unconstitutional. but that has been put on hold. >> if this is hard to find a cab, here is why. dozens of drivers participating in a cab caravan. and protesting what they call unfair rules and regulations. >> they're making drivers pay processing fees for credit cards. that is not fair. >> there are many saying they will air grieve yenss tomorrow in a meeting at the board of director autos if it seems like escalators are broken, it's not too far from the truth. there are officials saying 21 are out of service right now.
4:33 pm
that is a record for the transit agency. a dubis one. most are located in downtown san francisco. bart blames heavy wear and tear they endure from passengers and the weather. the transit system plans to spend 200,000ses today fix up each escalator. >> and so far, so good for ferry service. today is the first day of operations. the voyage pushed off this morning. passengers rode for free. it's going to be that way for the rest of the week. after that, it will cost $2 each way. and the trip takes about 40 minutes. >> i'm really excited. i work in san francisco airport. this will be a nice way to go. >> given the opportunity to take a ferry to work, there is
4:34 pm
easy answers. >> jackie speier there at today's ribbon cutting ceremonies. >> turning overseas now. a damper on queen elizabeth's diamond jubilee. her husband, prince phillip has been taken to the hospital. the rest of the royal family was on hand. thousands braved the wet weather to listen to live performances to honor the queen. >> just as london is getting set for day three of jubilee celebration was a concert in front of buckingham palace, her husband, prince phillip has been taken to the hospital with a bladder infection. nothing serious, buckingham palace has been quick to note but he remain under observation for a few days. the prince swroined the queen and senior royals yesterday
4:35 pm
for a blustery, rain-soaked pageant to honor 60 years of elizabeth's reign. it's prince phillip's marriage to-to-the then princess was the first event to be broadcast live from london. he's been at her side for 64 years. when he turned 909 prince announced he would be winding down official duties but still makes public appearance was his wife on and on his other he's frailer with each passing year, spending four nights in the hospital over christmas complaining of chest pain. but celebrations will go on. the queen's 60 years on the thrown including elton john and tom jones, if he's up to it, the prince can watch it all from tv from his bedside.
4:36 pm
and coming up tomorrow, abc 7 will brick you concert for the queen with katie duric. >> now there is breaking news we want to show you. this is in san francisco. wires have come down on a car there. you can see the car there on the right of the screen. >> this looks like a honda. and a muni wire came down on top of it. last report there is a driver still inside. and we're not sure if that person is in danger, but this is a heavy traffic area. and you can see workers there trying to get things sorted out. there is is a massive amount of congestion and looks like it's going to be tied up you can see them trying to work
4:37 pm
there to get everything back to normal. there is a woman trapped in the car, we'll bring you more as this becomes available. >> and ahead on abc 7 news, kids on facebook? well, social networking giant reveelz plans to let kids younger than 13 qlus-use the site. >> and fine print of health insurance, costs and you can rack up when you think you're cover bud you're not. >> and there is a dark and dreary-looking sky. i'll give you a look at when we can expect true june weather in just a moment. >> there is still slow going left to right heading into the bay bridge. just slow on another side heading towards 101 south. abc 7 news at hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol
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as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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facebook may like the idea of letting kids under 13 to use the web site. the features include a way to allow doidz create an account linked to and controlled by their parents' page. the web site may charge parents for the feature. and facebook will only say there is an ongoing dialogue
4:41 pm
to keep kids safe online. >> and there are a lot of comments about the story and precious c says it's inevitable, kids signing up with fake birth dates this is better and more honest. >> mary b says kids should not ab loud there is too much adult stuff. >> conversations happening now on and coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00 there is a child psychiatrist on whether it's good for kids to access facebook at younger age autos the company is paying their customer interns over $6,000 a month. that is right. $6,000 a month before you start faxing res maze the money is for software engineer interern who's get benefits normal employees do like gym access, a lap top and free meals.
4:42 pm
and they're hardly keeping up with googles of the world. interns at google paid $7,000 a m. >> good job if you can get it. >> yes. an intern, wow. >> as is meteorologist. >> yes. spencer christian, we don't want to talk about his salary. and there is live doppler 7 hd. take a look at what's happening. live doppler 7, spotty showers, trailing larger storms today. and let's start up into the south bay there is some spotty showers and that is just about all we have left there. in the north bay there are widely scattered showers around cloverdale and east of sea ranch. tomorrow, mostly sunny skies
4:43 pm
and breezy. high temperatures into upper 60s, tomorrow afternoon and evening, you can check out a transit of venus at its mid point from venus, and there is do not look directly at the sun. get proper viewing equipment for this event. it's going to be something to behold. and there is not occurring again until 2017 and weather sudden be nice and dry. >> thank you. >> today is a somber anniversary in china. it's the date of the teinnami square massacre. the words chinese government banned today on the internet.
4:44 pm
>> michael finney looking at a study on just how ease dwree run afoul of health insurance rules leading to some big, big bills. >> are you looking to be your own boss? three steps you can follow to turn your small idea into a thriving business.
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today marks 23rd anniversary of the tiennami
4:47 pm
square massa occur, chinese troops used lethal force to end a seven week occupation by democracy protestors. tonight, thousands of people held a vigil in hong kong. there are reports a small group of protestors yesterday were beaten and detained. the square was diet -- quiet today. china's government trying to stop all talk of the anniversary, even censoring several online search terms in the country. and there are banned words include chinese translations of commemorate and never forget. the date cannot be mentioned many are noting bizarre closing of the shanghai stock market. and you may think you're covering if you have health insurance.
4:48 pm
a stud survey finds you can be socked with huge bills. >> that is what happened to one woman after her son ended up in the emergency room. >> consumer reports says surveys found you can be socked with huge bills. and that is what happened to one woman after her son ended up in the emergency room. when christine's son got a deep cut, the offered an option of the plastic surgeon he wanted to do what was right for, by him. >> the surgeon's bill? $2900. christine assumed her insurance would cover the surgeon. not so. >> we were shocked and no idea that was going to be our responsibility. >> problem is that the hospital was in the network, the plastic surgeon was not. and consumer reports says a
4:49 pm
common cause is going out of network. >> a ppo plan might say 60% to 80% of out of network care. that does not mean of the actual bill, but 06% to 80% of what the insurance company thinks the treatment ought to cost. >> consumer reports found lots of examples of patients being hit with bills, one woman charged $480,000 for back surgery. >> bottom line, stay in your network. if you must go out of network research what your insurance company will pay z research what the test should cost. ask and two services let you search by zip code. sometimes, you can use the information to gaesh yait with a nonnetwork provider you want to use. and if you get a big bill, don't just complain to the insurance company.
4:50 pm
enlist your employer and state insurance department. consumer reports says you can end up paying more if you pay the first bill you receive. the charges may be higher list prices. and wait until you get your explanation of benefits to see what you really owe. there is more information on our web site. >> and there is a mother facing serious charges after taking hatters into her own hands. coming up what she did to defend her bullied teen-aged daughter. >> making your small business dreams come true advise on being your own boss from the woman who brings gu morning america's deals and feel steals. >> and the dirty legal reason your dry clean kog cost a lot more. and now, diane sawyer with a look at what she's working on for the news at 5:30.
4:51 pm
>> tonight we're going to be covering wildfires raging out west. and there is a lot of questions, and hidden drug abuse. video of suspects out of control. and we'll tell you how fast police say this is growing and back stage at big jubilee party. the scoop on what really happened.
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a florida mother who took matters into her own hands when her daughter was bullied says she quote, lost it and now regrets it. she's accused of choking a 14-year-old boy she says bullied her daughter onlichbl she now faces child abuse charges. she says she lost her temper after she ran into the boy. today she spoke to "good
4:55 pm
morning america"'s george stephanopoulos about it. >> it got to me. it was when she was so upset about it. she wanted to hurt herself. that, to me... as a parent seeing my daughter like that really angered me. >> what is the worst part about it? >> just the things she was saying about me. >> and the boy's mother says she never talked to her about the bullying claims, but she says she went to the childrens' school and to police. they said they could not do anything about it. >> and if you're tired of worrying about being laid off and you dream maybe of being your own boss there is help from the woman who brings you deals and steals on good morning america. this summer, gma contributor tori johnson coming to the bay area to help you make your small business dreams come true.
4:56 pm
>> this burlingame mom didn't set ut to be a entrepreneur. it happened when she designed a card game to encourage her kids to be healthier. >> not a vegetable in sight. i was frustrated and needed to do something. i turned to one thing that i knew how to do. make it fun. >> she explained her game that awards points for trying new, healthy foods. gma deals and steals contributor tori johnson says there are americans like jennifer with a spark and just need help getting started. that is why she wrote her new book spark and hustle. >> you can be the one that is sort of driving your own train. it's empowering and people can use that now. >> she's advising entrepreneurs you don't need a pr company or business plan. focus on three things. what will you sell? who will you sell to? what can you charge? how much money can you make?
4:57 pm
and third, perhaps most importantly, what is your hustle? what is the marketing and sales strategy to make this happen? >> through twitter, word of mouth, and a partnership with celebrity chef jamie oliver the little game that could is now thriving proving the point you don't need a lot of capitol to launch a business. >> the web is a great equalizer. you can really start wout having a store front. create a web site you can do in a matter of a day. >> tori will bring her spark and hustle tour to the bay area july 17th. for detail goes to abc 7 >> and that is going to do it for us. thanks for joining us. >> and you can keep track of the latest breaking news on twitter and talk bit on
4:58 pm 7 news. >> abc 7 news at 5:00 continues right now. >> rain and dark clouds threatening the giants game as well as summer truts. >> new details in she said, he said sexual assault allegations against giants player pablo sandoval. >> and tracking showers today, i'll let you know if interest tl is more in the fact. the rain just enough to leave small puddles on the ground. there is a live picture of downtown san jose tonight. >> and let's take you live now to heavenly ski resort.
4:59 pm
>> good evening, everything. there is just enough rain to dampen some spirits and leave giants fans wondering if the team would play ball. >> and they did play and they did win. >> and there is unusual, yes. but not that unusual. there is a check and we wanted to know last time it rained on june 4th. answer? last year on this day. before that? 2010. so now raining on three consecutive june 4ths. and there is when it does rain, it catches people by surprise. >> there is when any rain equals a lot of rain there is is a look at


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